Videos: Anatomy Of A Bad Confession

In 2008, two Worcester detectives spent two hours interrogating 16-year-old Nga Truong, whose baby son had just died, until they forced from her what was later judged a coerced confession of murder. We’ve obtained exclusive video of the confession. (Read the report: Part 1, Part 2.)

Here are five excerpts from the interrogation:

Click here to watch an interview with Nga Truong
Click here for reporter David Boeri’s reflections

'Either you're a liar or you just got the worst luck in the world.'

'People will be much more understanding if you ... say, 'I'm a 16-year-old girl.' '

'If this drags out, then we'll push to try you as an adult. I don't really care.'

'You tell us what happened, we walk right out here, to special crimes juvenile...'

'I smothered Khyle.'

An Interview With Nga Truong

David Boeri On 'Anatomy Of A Bad Confession'

David Boeri On Interrogation Techniques

Chronicle Videos

Segment One: Confession
Segment Two: Confession
Segment Three: Confession
Segment Four: Confession

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