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WBUR is proudly partnering with Hearth Shares

Fundraising Initiative Provides Housing, Essential Services to Homeless

logoTurns out, a small gift can make a big difference during the holiday season. Even a $1.00 donation to Hearth Shares can provide healing, help and home to homeless men, women and children in and around Boston.

Launched in 2014, the Hearth Shares fundraising initiative is designed to provide housing and essential services to the homeless. Through this annual partnership, Hearth Shares joins with the restaurant community to raise much-needed funds for two nonprofit social service agencies, Hearth Inc. and Friends of Boston’s Homeless, which work on the front lines to prevent and end homelessness.

From November 17th through December 25th, diners are invited to support Hearth Shares by adding a dollar or more to their bills at a growing list of the Boston area’s best restaurants including Aquitaine, Blue Ginger, 80 Thoreau, L’Andana and Sorellina.

According to Mark Hinderlie, President and CEO of Hearth Inc., the generosity of local restaurants and businesses has made a difference in the lives of the homeless that is real and measurable. “Our friends in the restaurant industry are always willing to contribute to this important campaign. And because our sponsor, Citizens Bank, underwrites all of Hearth Shares’ administrative costs, every dollar raised helps individuals and families move from shelters and the street into permanent housing.”

To date, Hearth Shares has generated almost $140,000 which has helped to fund new staff positions including full-time social workers who provide mental health services that keep formerly homeless elders safely housed and active in their communities; case managers who oversee prevention programs and personnel who collect and analyze data and advocate for public support.

Chef Ming Tsai— who serves as an honorary co-chair of Hearth Shares with Jeff Gates, restaurateur and partner in the Aquitaine Group— encourages the restaurant community and the dining public to show their support. “Having a safe place to live is something most of us take for granted. I urge my friends, colleagues and customers to contribute to Hearth Shares. Together we can work to end homelessness in the place we call home.” 

ABOUT HEARTH SHARES: Hearth Shares is an initiative of Hearth, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of homelessness among the elderly, and Friends of Boston’s Homeless, a non-profit that supports innovative, solution-oriented programs to help the homeless move beyond shelter to lead independent lives. This initiative aims to provide comfort and hope to people who live on the streets, often near restaurants where others dine in style. Donations to the Hearth Shares campaign enable the homeless and vulnerable to rebuild their lives and to maintain their dignity.

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