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Robin Young brings more than 25 years of broadcast experience to her role as host of Here & Now. She is a Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has also reported for NBC, CBS and ABC television and for several years was substitute host and correspondent for “The Today Show.”

Robin has received several Emmy Awards for her television work, as well as cable’s Ace award, the Religious Public Relations Council’s Wilbur Award and the National Conference of Christians and Jews Gold Award. She has also received radio’s regional Edward R. Murrow award.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, she produced and directed the opening film for Marion Wright Edelman’s White House Conference on Children and followed the rise of then unknown filmmaker John Singleton in the film “Straight From the Hood.”

Her documentary “The Los Altos Story,” made in association with the Rotary Club of Los Altos, California, won the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and is now the backbone of a worldwide HIV/AIDS awareness initiative.

She has had an eclectic career in broadcasting, serving as second director on Boston Bruins and Red Sox telecasts, was one of the first hosts on the groundbreaking television show “Evening Magazine,” and she’s pretty sure she’s the only Peabody Award-winner who has also hosted a cooking game show! (Yes, that was Robin on the Food Channel’s “Ready Set Cook!” When they cast their vegetables and vote? That was Robin’s idea!)

Robin was born on New York’s Long Island, attended Ithaca College in upstate New York and has lived and worked in Manhattan, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, but Boston is her hub.

Recent stories

Rotary Club Is Still Fighting AIDS, 25 Years Later

July 09, 2015
Robin Young (wearing headphones) poses for a picture with Los Altos Rotary Club members at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project. (Courtesy)

A conservative Silicon Valley Rotary Club would seem an unlikely candidate to be at the forefront of AIDS education.

A Roadtrip To See Baby Animals

October 15, 2014
Franklin Park Zoos new baby giraffe. (Courtesy Zoo New England)

How about this for a fall roadtrip idea: a tour of zoos to see newborn baby animals.

‘Left Shoe Trick’ Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths

July 04, 2014
13 children have died after being trapped in hot cars and succumbing to the heat. A tip from USA Today: put your left shoe in the backseat when you load up the car with your child. (Steve Karsch/Flickr)

13 children have died after being left in hot cars this year. USA Today offers busy parents a trick to prevent a tragic memory lapse.

Marine Corps Vet Finally Opens His Own Business

January 24, 2014

We first met Matt Victoriano in 2012. He was struggling with PTSD and also struggling to open his own business. The day before his coffee shop/bar opens, we pay him a visit.

Hope Chests Still Pose A Danger, Despite Recall

January 14, 2014

After the deaths of two children who accidentally locked themselves in a hope chest while playing on Sunday, host Robin Young says she broke the lock off her grandmother’s hope chest.

Robin Young On Michael Bay’s Teleprompter Fail

January 07, 2014

Film director Michael Bay’s onstage meltdown at the Consumer Electronics Show reminded co-host Robin Young of a similar experience she had on The Today Show.

Cats And Lilies Should Never Cross Paths

August 06, 2013

Even brushing up against an Easter lilly’s dust can make a cat sick — and Here & Now co-host Robin Young found one of her own cats happily chewing on one.

Robin Young’s Thoughts On Last Day Hosting Solo

June 24, 2013

Here & Now host Robin Young shares her thoughts and gratitude on her last day hosting the program alone. Here & Now expands to a two-hour show on July 1, and Jeremy Hobson starts co-hosting June 25.

Robin Responds To Questions After Becoming Part Of Story

April 22, 2013

Here & Now host Robin Young reflects on our coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt and the reaction to her interview with her nephew, Zolan, who knew one of the alleged bombers.

Robin Essay: Boston Marathon Bombings

April 16, 2013

Here & Now host Robin Young shares her thoughts on the bombing at the Boston Marathon, and recalls the wonderful experiences of Patriots’ Days of years past.

Bullying Case Warrants Jail Time, Says South Hadley Parent

March 30, 2010

Nine students were charged Monday in conjunction with the bullying of South Hadley’s Phoebe Prince. One South Hadley parent, speaking on Here & Now Tuesday, thought the charges should have been harsher.

Mass. Aid Group Sets Up Field Hospital In Haiti

January 13, 2010

Three million people. One-third of Haiti’s population. That’s roughly the number of Haitians that the Boston-based nonprofit aid organization Partners In Health helped to provide with health care coverage. Now, that’s how many Haitians may require emergency aid from groups like Partners after the impoverished island nation was rocked by the worst earthquake in more […]

Not All Stories About Athletes End Badly

December 18, 2009

Robin Young has been hearing from a lot of listeners about Here & Now’s coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal. Some of whom say: “What about good stories about athletes?” Well, since they brought it up…

Foxborough Principal Defends Breathalyzers In School

October 19, 2009

School officials in Foxborough are voting Monday on a new plan to battle underage drinking. The plan to use breathalyzers on students not only during extra-curricular activities, but also during regular school days is being considered after 12 reported incidents of underage drinking last year.

After 50 Years, ‘The Twilight Zone’ Still Knows What Scares Us

October 02, 2009

On the 50-year anniversary of the debut of “The Twilight Zone,” a remembrance of a show that captured America’s biggest fears — body-snatching space aliens, soul-sapping corporate America, and Communists. The show’s universal themes have a way of staying with us.

For Scientists, HIV Vaccine Is Proof That Infection Rate Can Be Reduced

September 24, 2009

Dr. Tim Johnson of ABC News tells “Here & Now” that the new HIV vaccine isn’t ready to be used in treatment, but it’s an important sign to researchers who thought a vaccine would never be successful.

Krugman, On Why Reappointing Bernanke Was The Right Move

August 25, 2009

President Obama took a break Tuesday from his vacation on the Vineyard to say he thought Ben Bernanke should keep his job, praising the Republican Federal Reserve Chairman’s “bold and out-of-the-box thinking.” Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says Obama did the right thing in reappointing Bernanke.

Robin Young: McCartney Performs Like It Was Yesterday

August 06, 2009

You can still learn a thing or two from Paul McCartney.

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