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Seth Rogovoy

Contributor, The ARTery, WBUR

Seth Rogovoy is a contributor to WBUR’s The ARTery and author of “Bob Dylan: Prophet Mystic Poet” and “The Essential Klezmer.”

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‘Shadows In The Night’: Dylan Does Sinatra. Really?

February 10, 2015

Bob Dylan’s new album, “Shadows in the Night,” is comprised of songs sung by Frank Sinatra. Seth Rogovoy asks “why?”

Bob Dylan’s ‘Basement Tapes’ And The Birth Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Americana

November 13, 2014

The release of the “The Complete Basement Tapes,” a six-CD set, shows why Bob Dylan’s unofficial 1967 recordings were such an important chapter in his career and in the history of rock music.

How I Cut The Cable Cord And Still Got To See What I Wanted

November 06, 2014

Approximately 2.65 million Americans have “cut the cord” and canceled their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming and other ways of getting TV services. And now CBS and HBO have joined the streaming party.

The Bettye LaVette Tour — Defiant, Triumphant — Comes To Johnny D’s

January 28, 2014
Bettye LaVette at Club Helsinki last month. (Seth Rogovoy)

Bettye Lavette infuses everything all her songs — from soul originals to Neil Young covers — with grit and determination.

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