Matching Gift FAQ

Q: How do I find out if my employer matches gifts?

A: To find out if your employer has a matching gift policy, simply enter the name of your company in the search bar on our Matching Gift page.  For additional reference, check out our list of the top 100 Matching Gift Companies here.

Q: It looks like my company has a matching program—how do I get my gift matched?

A: In some instances, it’s possible to access companies’ matching forms directly through our search engine.  Just follow the set procedure—WBUR will be happy to assist.  If forms aren’t readily available online, please contact a Human Resources representative within your company about matching.

Q: My company doesn’t have a matching gift program. How can I get them to match my gift to WBUR?

A: Talk to your HR Department! Matching is a great way for companies, big and small, to inspire goodwill and community participation among employees.

Q: What do I need to know about WBUR in order to request a matching gift?

A: WBUR’s tax/EIN is 04-2103547, and we are tax exempt through our affiliation with the Trustees of Boston University. Please note that we may be listed in your employer’s matching gift database under “Trustees of Boston University.” Be sure to designate “WBUR – 90.9” on your matching gift request form!

Q: Where should I send completed matching forms?

A: Completed matching gift forms should be sent to:

Gerry Lake
WBUR 90.9
890 Commonwealth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02215

Q: What percentage of my gift will my company match?  Is there a limit to how much money can be matched?

A: Matching ratios vary by company, but are typically 1:1.  Each company also prescribes their own upper and lower matching limits.

Q: I’m a Sustainer. Can I get my monthly gifts matched?

A: Yes! Employers can match the amount you have paid to-date toward the total amount you pledged. Your gift can be matched in several ways, depending on the minimum donation your employer will match, and their deadline for matching:

  • Submit a matching gift form for each month’s installment
  • Submit matching gift forms bi-annually or quarterly
  • Submit a matching gift form once you have fulfilled your pledge

Q: I made multiple donations to WBUR this year. Can I get them all matched?

A: Certainly! Just be sure to note the maximum and minimum amount your employer will match, and the deadline to request a matching gift (both vary by company). You should be able to find all of that information at

Q: I got a “thank you” gift for donation. Does that affect my matching gift?

A: Yes. Employers will match only the tax-deductible portion of your gift. In other words, the total amount of your donation minus the fair-market value of any “thank you” gifts you received. Contact if you need to know the fair market value of your “thank you” gift!

Q: I’m a retiree.  Can my company still match?

A: It’s possible—best to ask.  Some companies will match gifts given by spouses as well.

Q: Does a matched gift count toward WBUR membership?  How does matching impact my tax receipt?

A: As a gift from your company, matching does not count towards your WBUR membership.  Matching gifts will not impact your tax receipt from WBUR.

Q: I know all about matching gifts! But I have some other questions…

A: Has your employer changed? Did you retire? Will your partner’s employer match your donation?

Email or call (800) 909.9287. We’ll answer any questions, research your new company or update your member record.

Thanks for going the extra mile for WBUR!



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